Thursday, March 31, 2011

Amazing - Ferrari F430 Made from Old Toyota Corolla

Amazing - Ferrari F430 Made from Old Toyota Corolla : When you look at this car, I'm sure that many people will think that this is the real Ferrari F430, but actually this car was an old Toyota corolla which is modified into this stylish Ferrari F430.

This Red Ferrari F430 is actually an old Corolla modified by builder modification by an Indian origin. He made this car very detailed so that it can deceived many people.

This Car Body is designed and constructed of fiberglass which makes it very light, 20 percent lighter than the original Ferrari F430. Engine – Corolla is fueled by a 1794 cc 4 cylinder VVT-I Gasoline engine that exudes a maximum power of 92 kW @ 6000 rpm/125 PS @ 6000 rpm at a peak torque of 158 Nm @ 4200 rpm/16.1kg-m @ 4200 rpm.

Line design of this car looks very good and quite resemble the original. narrowed lamp design combined with a large airscope already make this car look very similar to the original one. Check out the best Ferrari Car design on our previous post.

The seating inside the cabin Toyota-Ferrari F430 also has embraced this configuration as a 2 seater sports car. there's so many people deceived by the interior of this Toyota Ferrari F430. It really similar to the original Ferrari f430.

But to make a replica Ferrari F430 from this Corolla, the owner must be spend approximately $22,000!!! Here's more picture of this Ferrari F430 Replica from an Old Toyota Corolla.