Thursday, April 21, 2011

AGRIA Autonomous' Farm Robot

With big agricultural farms getting smaller due to fast growing population, we need some compact and efficient tools of farming to balance structured agriculture with nature to ensure a healthy ecosystem around us. Offering a solution, the “Agria” by Julia Kaisinger, Katharina Unger and Stefan Riegbauer is an autonomous farm robot for sowing and plant protection in small farms.

Featuring infrared and UV light to control bugs, fungi and pests, the modular machine examines the soil and plants regularly to allow specific treatment. Placing seeds and fertilizer in the right place and proportion, the Agria works with an intelligent network of fields and machines, supplied by a local station, which can be controlled through a computer or smartphone, so you may store and share data with experts for better analysis. Here Are AGRIA Autonomous' Farm Robotic Designers by Julia Kaisinger, Katharina Unger, Stefan Riegbauer

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