Thursday, April 21, 2011

Awesome - Alpha Romeo Flying Star By Claudio Proietto

Alpha Romeo Flying Star project is the brain child of an Italian designer Claudio Proietto as a tribute to the grand 100 years of this legendary brand name.

Taking a cue from the simple logic that form should follow function the front is minimal, clean from any air intake for the propulsion is electric, including facilitating smoother aerodynamics.

While talking the alloy wheels, well they are inspired from jet engine design and Formula-1 air flow system that also cools off those brakes at high loads. Based on the chassis of the electric Caterham Seven Flying Star is designed more like a city car with vital statistics 3500 x 1686 x 1124 mm having a frame longer than 100 mm.

Another feature is the door to assisted opening, which includes much of the middle section of bodywork and windscreen made from polycarbonate. Essential interior are dominated by big screen satellite navigation, instrumentation minimal and no ventilation system. Let's see the Awesome car design - Alpha Romeo Flying Star designer By Claudio Proietto :

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