Sunday, April 24, 2011

FlyRad Monocycle By Thomas Rank

The FlyRad is a new invention similar to the unicycle and can be brought to the street. This is a scientifically modified vehicle with the only difference in the mechanical aspect. Thus, instead of manual peddling as in the case of monocycle, the electric motor is used. The rider wears a pair of skates which helps him to sit, stand, and squatting, hands are free because steering is controlled by the skates. The movement of the legs of the rider is controlled by a pair pad that is fixed below the handlebars which exerts downward pressure on the upper legs.

The design of the vehicle is classified into 3 categories according 3 different age groups .i.e adults, teens, and children. The power is generated by a rechargeable battery. It can travel a maximum distance of 50km per every four hours of charging. This indicates that human energy required is almost negligible, in comparison to ordinary vehicle which have no assistance of an electric motor.

The speed with which it can be driven according to different limitations of different countries, also depends on the quality of the roads. As the name of the vehicle itself signifies, the strange flying experience felt by the rider is due to the effect of the centrifugal force. This design by Thomas Rank, has received a silver medal at iENA2010, and could be a great way to get around and have fun at the same time.

Designer: Thomas Rank
source: psipunk