Sunday, April 24, 2011

Futuristic Concept Car' BMW 3 For 2050 by Daniel Nikonchik

The vehicle you see here is a BMW concept. The designer, Daniel Nikonchik, imagines an elegant BMW M3 concept car for the year 2050 that appeals to all individuals who’d buy a super car purely for the status.

Other than the new innovations such as Nano Paint, fiber optic door jams, fully down loadable interiors, the BMW concept features millions of nano sized cameras incorporated with the exterior paint, allowing the occupant see through the body panels even though there is no transplant windows.

The data from the cameras are sent to the depth perceiving high definition displays that not only allows for stereoscopic camera angles, but for new continuous ideas in the body shapes without having to account for the traditional greenhouse as well as night vision capabilities and the ability to zoom in on road signs not yet in viewing distance. The vehicle comes out to be an ideal one for those who love performance with shifter kart like handling.

Coming to the powertrain of the vehicle, the BMW has hydrogen electric propulsion. It features high torque electric motors that are powered by hydrogen power cells and engine’s only by product is pure H2O.

The rear wheel drive vehicle is designed to open like a flower which will add more to the status of the owner while getting out of the vehicle. While getting in the car, it does exactly the opposite. Once the owner is in, vehicle folds back down, then “seals” itself back together.

Additionally, the vehicle also features a fully digital interior with touch screen displays. This allows the occupant to customize the interior to his/her liking, moving gauges and controls to more convenient locations. The individual will also have the ability to log onto the companies’ website to download (similar to downloading an app for a smart phone) different interior packages for a small price.
Here The BMW 3 Futuristic Car Concept :