Sunday, April 3, 2011

Goat And Lamb Walk with 2 legs like human

Weird Animals - Sheep, Goat And Lamb Walk with 2 legs like human

March 2011 - A goat from Yanji in northeast China's Liaoning Province has been nicknamed "Strong-willed goat" as it has learned to walk on just its front two forelegs. Yang Yang the goat was born without hind legs in January and has learned walk on its front legs. And within a month Yang Yang had learned how to balance, walk and even run upside down on just his front legs.(telegraph)

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in 2010 : A two-legged lamb born in July to a farmer in China’s Shandong province is standing up on its own two feet, but the fact that it only has two legs is hurting its chances to live to adulthood. Experts fear the lamb will have a very difficult time as it reaches its adult weight.

“Although dogs and cats can manage with only two legs, sheep, goats and other hoof-stock will have a harder time. Part of that is temperament, and part of that is physiology. Hooves are difficult to deal with,” said former veterinary nurse, Maggie Ahrens.(Ripley)

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