Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meet : Ji Hyun Ji Girl (20) have not BRUSH TEETH for more than 10 YEARS

Ji Hyun Ji Girl (20) have not BRUSH TEETH for more than 10 YEARS
Ji Hyun Ji : girl who not want to brush teeth for 10 years : Everyone sometimes has quirks that are not owned by anyone else. But in Seoul, South Korea a girl claimed to have never brushed my teeth for 10 years.

In a TV program TVN Martian virus from Seoul to introduce a girl known as ‘Cutey Yellowish’. The nickname was given because he stopped brushing his teeth a decade ago. He revealed that the last time he remembers to do it is when the mother rubbed her teeth.

“I do not understand why people should brush your teeth, because other people will not look into your mouth,” said Ji Ji Hyun 20-year-old, as quoted from

Ji Hyun Ji said pile leftover food that is really going to protect his teeth and he would only wipe the front teeth with a tissue only on certain occasions only.

Although the mother of Ji Hyun Ji has forgotten how to brush his teeth, but this program producer Lee Geun Ji Chan will try to persuade another to want to brush their teeth.

This is because if a person is not brushing your teeth can cause a bad impact on health. Bacteria in the teeth will be responsible for the condition of tooth decay and gum disease. In addition, these bacteria get into the bloodstream and cause clots and other medical conditions, as quoted from the Telegraph.