Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Way For Playing Skateboard With Vertrax Electric Skateboard

Usually skateboards need a flat and smooth surface for a save and brisk commutation, but the “Vertrax” by designer Bryson Lovett is a skateboard with difference that replaces the wheels with a tread to glide virtually on all kind of surfaces.

Be it sand, snow, dirt, concrete or even grass, the Vertrax moves smoothly and effortlessly to become an extremely useful and versatile mode for transportation.

Combining the exhilarating dynamics of a skateboard and motorcycle, the tracked skateboard is very quiet in its operation that move by without the loud, annoying exhaust notes of mopeds.

Moreover, the Vertrax could be used in military operations, transporting soldiers quickly and quietly across rough or deserted terrains. Here Is The New For Skating Vertrax Electric Skateboard :