Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nokia Admits Power Problems' with its N8 phone

New York, Nokia has now acknowledged that there is a power problem with the N8 smartphone. The company’s Vice President, Niklas Savander made the admission. He was however quick to add that the problem just affects very small number of users.

The power problem means the phone does not power on at all. The Nokia chief acknowledged that the problem is potentially serious because losing your phone’s power can be a very irritating experience. The company is offering a replacement for the problem once the product’s warranty has been verified. The change can only be made at the Nokia customer care.

The N8’s launch was delayed and expectant customers waited for the launch of the phone. When it was eventually released, the long wait proved to be worthwhile because the phone’s camera was highly praised by all including those that criticized the smartphone from Nokia. Nokia ensured that it highlighted the superior picture quality of the phone’s camera by pre-loading a short video of Slumdog Millionaire’s Dev Patel on it called The Commuter.

Remains to be seen how Nokia will handle the problem. Increasing competition in the samrtphone market means that there is small to no room for these problems.Source (THAINDIAN NEWS)