Sunday, April 24, 2011

Playing Guitar With Neon Guitar Made by Rich Rolands

A Neon Guitars" This weird guitar is a playable guitar made by Rich Rolands, this instrumental light neon sound sensitive guitar was Embedded with neon lights, this sound-sensitive guitar changes in lighting as different tunes are played.

Well i wonder how if steve vai or any other guitar shredder play this guitar, what will happen to the lighting? does the neon will stand the fast tunes to these guitar shredder?

This Neon Guitars Ranging well over $10,000 a piece, these neon guitars by Rich Roland are a little over the price range of what most people can afford.

However, these pieces are undeniably interesting nonetheless.

It seems like the idea of this sound sensitive guitar was cool. Moreover if we play this neon guitar on the night concert.

Here's The another Intresting Neon Guitar by Rich Rolands.