Friday, June 10, 2011

Electric Vehicle, P.I.E.T Concept Electric Trike

With an aim to revolutionize personal urban transport for the betterment of the environment, designers Lorenz Nasdal and Laurent Hompesch have come up with a concept electric trike dubbed P.I.E.T. The plug-in electric tricycle is an environmentally friendly vehicle for modern-living urban inhabitants and combines the advantages of a motor scooter with those of a car.

The agile commuter features a sloping system of the wheels to ensure a smaller turning radius. The driver of this vehicle is protected by a frame, which surrounds the head and can be folded upwards to get in and out of the vehicle. To ease parking, the rear wheel of the P.I.E.T moves down and shortens the overall length to allow the vehicle to be parked between other cars.

The vehicle is driven by electricity and the energy for the integrated wheel hub motor comes from a battery pack, which is located under the seat. Since car-sharing concepts are the future of urban mobility, the P.I.E.T could be made available at many charging stations.

Designers: Lorenz Nasdal, Laurent Hompesch
via: Psipunk

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