Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fishermen found giant squid with a length of 7.6 Meters

Fishermen found  giant squid
Fishermen found  giant squid with a length of 7.6 Meters : Paul Peroulakis, Robby Benz and Joe Asaro (Florida fishermen) find a giant squid dead along 7.6 meters in Jensen Beach. At that time the fishermen were fishing when a giant blob found in the sea. The fishermen were then brought their ships close to the mass.

When it is, fishermen found the giant squid weighing 100 kg floating in the water. The fishermen then brought it to Port Salerno . “I’ve never seen anything like this. That’s why I took him to Port Salerno case anyone who knows about this squid, “said Robby Benz ..

It turned out that the other fishermen were also surprised to see the giant squid. Florida Oceanographic Society’s Education Director Ellie Van Os said, the fishermen of this ‘workmanlike’ keep it up onto land squid. “It’s always interesting to know whenever there are animals from the depths of the sea,” said Van Os. A spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Segelson Carli said, the squid will be examined bodies and teams from the University of Florida.(link)