Friday, June 10, 2011

Justin Bieber rubbishes dating rumors with "Villages"

London: Teenage sensation Justin Bieber has dismissed rumors that he is dating his Baby video co-star Jasmine Villages and insisted they only shared a kiss.

The pop star sent fans into frenzy in September 2011 when he was pictured locked in a clinch with Villegas in the back seat of a car.

But Bieber revealed in an interview with U.S. newswoman Barbara Walters that their romantic liaison was short-lived.

“I was kissing her… That’s about it… I didn’t even know anyone was taking pictures. It just kind of happened… It’s not really weird. Is it weird? I think every 16 year old kisses a girl, right, so that’s not nothing (sic) out of the ordinary,” the Daily Star quoted Bieber as saying.

And when Walters asked whether he is dating Villages, Bieber replied, “No. It’s just a kiss.” (ANI)