Monday, June 13, 2011

Lizard With Two-Heads : No, You Are Not Seeing Double !

Mother Nature has a rather sadistic sense of humor that sometimes rears its bizarre head, or in this case, heads.

The rare genetic mutation known as axial bifurcation, which translates into having two heads, is a well-known developmental flaw among reptiles and is usually seen in turtles and snakes.

In Rong’an County in southern China’s Guangxi Province, a pet cat has captured a lizard with two heads.

Curious locals have been treating the home of Zheng Tuxiu as if it were some bizarre shrine, as they flock to get a glimpse of this most unusual creature.

“I was scared by the alien stuff my cat brought home,” Zheng told the media.

Although quite uncommon, this occurrence has happened before. Check out the video below below of another two-headed lizard.

In South Wales, Australia, a few years back, a two-headed lizard with two thoraxes and four forelegs was born.

The lizard is doing well despite the short life span usually preordained for these creatures except for the very strange act that the larger of its two heads keep attacking the smaller one.

You would think a headache would preclude this behavior.

Are two heads better than one?

Better ask the lizard.