Friday, July 1, 2011

Choose What PPC or SEO?

Every business is seeking to place ads on the internet these days. Internet businesses are those that are the most intrigued in this kind of marketing because of the wide and large reach of the medium.

However, the challenges in internet marketing are not small. It is easy marketing but because of this, there are many companies in the fray and therefore more competition to tackle.

One way of using the internet for marketing is to have your own website. There are other methods you can use to generate more interest in your product or service and increase sales. Importantly, the website should be easily seen and frequently visited.

The two main ways you can use online marketing to your advantage are PPC and SEO.

1. Pay Per Click or PPC

Pay Per Click is also a popular marketing tool used by search engines. There will be sponsored links which are placed on search engines, depending on how high the advertiser has bid for it. When a visitor clicks on the link, the advertiser pays for it. The higher you bid, the higher your position on the search engine and thus greater visibility.

In PPC methods, you make your ad, decide the price and decide your target audience. The PPC networks help you in the process of deciding the desired customers with indicators of location and topic. You create the ad content and make sure that it is in the reckoning in terms of competition.

You can choose wither method based on your budget, objectives and aims.

PPC has many advantages and some are:

*PPC can be expensive if there are too many clicks without sales. To check fraudsters, the PPC networks have their surveillance.
*PPC reaches everyone who visits the web and has a relatively easy set-up process.
*If you stick within your budget and manage costs in relation to income generated, then PPC will be a very good marketing technique.

2. Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

At any given time, the internet is being used by most people to identify particular websites. There are research reports that suggest that at least 60 per cent of internet users are searching for websites using Google, which is the world’s No.1 search engine. SEO makes this process easier for the advertiser as the websites will be placed high in the search engine results page.

With the use of Independent Back-Linking Network, you can use SEO to your advantage. You will have to create a website or web page which can be provided as a link on other website pages. With this, many pages can be made to link to your website to increase traffic.

In Search engine Optimization, you are not required to pay for anything but a lot of research is required to identify your target customers and prepare ads and web pages. This SEO method will bring in results for a longer period of time even though the results may start coming in only in some months. Once established, there will be only profits.