Friday, July 15, 2011

Shoe-Shaped Vehicle' IKONE Zero-emission Concept by Karim Guelmi

The IKONE is a concept three-wheeled vehicle designed by Karim Guelmi, a Montreal-based graduate from the University of Quebec in Montreal. The concept has been designed in collaboration with the Montreal-based company Fun-E Cycles. The one-seater vehicle is a vision of an eco-friendly society where humans could make use of alternative fuels for commuting.

The concept vehicle has 18.5-liters of storage space above the rear wheel. The design and strong DNA of the vehicle evokes lightness and fluidity as well as a symbiotic relationship between the rider and the ride.

The IKONE has been thought with the necessity to reduce its parts to a minimum, which further reduces the production costs. The electric engines of the vehicle have been designed to be powered by lithium batteries. Here's The Shoe-Shaped Vehicle' IKONE Zero-Emission designer by Karim Guelmi :


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